Get Your Properties Prepared for Winter

Learn about property winterization in Chapin, Lexington & Columbia, SC

It's important to maintain your vacant properties to keep them in the best condition possible. When the cold weather rolls around, this means winterizing all of your properties.

At Preferred Home Inspections, Inc., we offer professional property winterization services, so you can rest assured that winter won't get the best of your property. Call us today to learn more about property winterization in Chapin, SC.

What does the winterizing process look like?

The goal of property winterization is to protect the plumbing system from extreme temperatures. At Preferred Home Inspections, we take a few vital steps to prepare your home for colder weather.

Our winterization process includes:

  • Removing all water from piping and plumbing fixtures
  • Draining the water heater of all water
  • Filling fixtures with antifreeze

Do you need to prepare your properties for winter? Schedule an appointment with our specialists in Chapin, SC today.